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Custom Lanyards for ID Badges: A Creative Marketing Tool

Typically lanyards are solely associated with carrying ID badges. However, the great thing about lanyards is their ability to be so much more than a practical accessory. Lanyards are highly customizable and can actually be a wonderful marketing tool. Here’s how you can use your lanyards to market your company more effectively:

Custom Lanyards for ID Badges: A Creative Marketing ToolPick a Noticeable Color

In order for your lanyards to grab someone’s attention, they needs to catch the eye. I’m not saying that you should go overboard with flashy colors or make it reflect the sun, but using bright and trendy colors is a great idea. People notice color, especially when those colors go together well. If you’re unsure about which colors will combine well, consult an expert or look it up online. There are plenty of great resources out there to help you make the best design choices.

Use Your Company logo & Phone Number

Now that your lanyards are colorful and attention grabbing, it’s time to think with a marketing mindset. Sure, it’s great that your lanyards now draw more attention to your ID badges because the ID badges typically contain useful information, but do you really want to make your prospective customers work that hard? Give them a simpler way to remember your company and contact you. Place your logo and company phone number on your lanyards in a relatively large font. Make it to where they can’t miss it. If they have time to get a better glance at your ID badges for more information, then great, but if they happen to overlook it, give them another opportunity to see your most important information.

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