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Fashion Forward Accessories for ID Cards & Security

Fashion Forward AccessoriesIn the world of ID cards, accessories such as lanyards and badge reels are quite useful in terms of making your cards more easily accessible for scanning, swiping and visual inspection. To make things a bit more fun, here are some options for fashionable accessories for any organization.

Fashion Forward Lanyards

Lanyards are probably the most popular of all of the ID accessories, being used frequently in businesses, schools, retail stores, restaurants and more! Their popularity comes from their ease of use and their ability to be noticeably customized for branding purposes. Here are some creative customization ideas:

  • Chevron print
  • Neon color print
  • Paint splatter print
  • Rhinestones
  • Company slogans / mottos

Fashion Forward Badge Reels

Badge reels are another popular accessory for their easy of use and discretion. Though they are more discrete than lanyards, they can still be customized to offer more creativity and uniqueness, helping you set yourself apart as an organization. Like lanyards, there are a variety of unique accents that can be added to make them pop. Here are a few ideas:

  • Designer print
  • Nean color print
  • Rhinestones

If you’re not into those particular concepts, the great thing is that you can create your own custom design to get exactly what you’re looking for!

If you would like more information about custom ID card accessories, or need help developing a design, give us a call! One of our representatives would be ecstatic to help you get the ball rolling!

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