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Your ID Card Design: Picking the RIGHT Color Scheme

Color SchemeIf you already have an established company, it’s likely that you already have a logo. But, maybe you’ve been feeling like your logo doesn’t pop as much as you’d like or it doesn’t seem to represent your company’s personality. If that’s the case, it could be that you just need to find a more appropriate or attractive color scheme to make it come to life.

The Importance of a Good Color Scheme

A good color scheme is very important. Colors are vehicles or expression and emotion. When you see color, you can’t help but feel something. In fact, certain colors are historically associated with various moods and meanings. Some colors instinctively feel melancholy or sad while others feel optimistic and happy. Some colors can represent elegance and luxury while others feel more childish and immature. The point is that your color choices will play a role in how others view your company, so picking the right colors for your organization is critical.

Only You Know You

We have an outstanding design team, but ultimately you are the only one who can define what your color scheme should express. Your Fullidentity rep can help you develop an outstanding design but the colors you choose should express your deepest values as an organization. It should tell people who you really are. So, when you’re going through the options, analyze how you feel when you see your color scheme. There are a lot of different ideas that might look amazing, but does it make you feel the way you want your customer’s to feel about your company?

If you’d like a little more information about how to use colors, check out this website on Basic Color Theory. It can help you navigate and understand the colors that might work best for you! You can also go to palleton.com to try out color scheme picker.

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