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Visitor ID Badges for Hospitals

Vistor ID BadgesAs an establishment that is concerned about keeping their patients healthy, hospitals have the added responsibility of keeping those patients protected against security threats. There are a variety of ways in which they can do that, but one in particular is establishing a good identification security protocol.

Typically, when we think of identification protocol, we think of ID badges in regards to the hospital personnel. However, another major area of this protocol lands on visitor management. With such a high volume of visitors coming in and out on a regular basis, it’s important to be able to identify who those guests are.

There are a variety of visitor badges on the market today but one that we’ve come to trust is the TEMPbadge ID system.  TEMPbadge ID has several options that are quite effective. What we recommend is the expiring badge options. This allows for a visitor have a valid badge for a certain period of time only. Once that window of time has come to a close, the temp badge will signify that it has expired by changing from a solid white background to a background with bold red stripes. Anyone who sees the badge will be able to immediately identify that the badge has expired. There is no mistaking it. This significantly helps hospital personnel to identify when someone is attempting to stay past their welcome or beyond appropriate visiting hours.

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