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Having Trouble Designing your ID Badges? Here’s How to Spur the Creative Process!

Designing your ID BadgesComing up with a creative design can be daunting if you find yourself feeling uninspired or in a creative rut. Here are a few tips to help you spur the creative process for designing your new ID badges:

Change Your Environment

Studies show that your environment has a significant impact on your ability to think creatively. Everything from lighting, noise and color will play a role in your ability to come up with the next big idea. According to Marketing Professor, Juliet Zhu, you can boost your creative performance by getting in a dimly lit environment with a moderate amount of background noise. If you can find that quaint little coffee shop to talk about the new design for your ID badges, you’ll have more success than you would in a silent, well lit conference room at the office. Additional, depending on the nature of the project, implementing the colors red and blue can be helpful. According to Zhu, blue is better for abstract creative thinking and red is better for tasks that are more detailed in nature.

Use a Marker Board

Now, this may sound silly but marker boards are a huge help in the creative process. There is something about being able to see and compare all of the teams ideas in one place. When you notate ideas that are being thrown into the mix, it allows for details to not be forgotten or overlooked. Since every good ideas is placed on the board, it allows for all of the pieces to be more easily put together visually. Often, there are connected dots that you didn’t anticipate.

Get Input from Others

As you may have noticed, everything that has been previously mentioned involves a team. Sure, you can be creative without a team. However, if you’re looking to produce the most creativity possible, it’s a good idea to get input from others that you trust. We all have unique thoughts and perspectives so take advantage of what others have to say. You may just be surprised at how other opinions can stimulate you to think in different ways.

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